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Good Relationships Begin with the Truth.

Trust Tri-Verify

Why Triverify ?

Fraud is an ever-present concern for lenders. According to a recent study conducted by the FBI, at least 30% and as high as 70% of early payment defaults on mortgages were the consequence of misrepresentation or fraudulent loan applications. And the rates of fraud continue to rise.

But fraud isn’t just more prevalent. It’s also more sophisticated. Would-be defrauders have better tools at their disposal than ever to falsify all manners of documents, including tax returns, identification, and Social Security information.

That’s why Triverify is here.

We’ve made it our mission to stay ahead of fraudulent practices and technology and to counter them with an arsenal of services that quickly and effectively verify all essential application information. Our unique Tri-part approach, blending the latest technology with accuracy and efficiency, makes us the first choice in applicant verification services.

Our clients make better, faster, more fiscally sound decisions about whom they loan to and avoid the perils and exposures of fraud in the process.

  • 4506-T Processing

    The 4506-T is one of the best defenses against the falsification of income tax returns. But they are notoriously difficult and time consuming…

  • SSN Verification

    Identity theft doesn’t just affect its victims.  It puts many parties at risk, including lenders.  Our Social Security Verification Process…